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Commercial Property Closings

When purchasing or refinancing commercial property, investors face many important decisions in consummating the transaction. First among these is what firm to engage for title, escrow and closing services.

Commercial transactions are complex. Our team brings a wealth of experience in commercial transactions, which ranges from the purchase of single-family investment properties to commercial properties in excess of twenty million dollars, and we deliver our clients expert, accurate, and timely legal and title advice. When legal issues arise during the title and closing process, we work diligently to ensure a smooth transaction.

We take an active role in the commercial transactions that we handle in order to keep deals moving forward, and we keep our clients informed of any issues and matters pertaining to their commercial transaction.

Our commercial services include escrow of deposits and documents, search of land records, UCC searches, title commitments, clearing of liens, payoffs, disbursement agreements, corporate resolutions, pro forma policies, disbursement of funds, recordation of documents, and more. We will work directly with commercial clients, borrower’s counsel, commercial agents, lenders, lender’s counsel, surveyors, engineers, planners, and other professionals to ensure the accurate and timely closing of your commercial property.

The process of purchasing or refinancing commercial property can be a significant undertaking. In addition to providing competent and courteous service at every turn, we aim to reduce stress in the process for all parties. We take pride in walking our clients through each step of the process, and we are always available to answer our clients’ questions.

Whether buying or refinancing commercial property, you can trust Commonwealth Title Group, LLC for your title and legal needs.